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The operating voltage range of the rear view system
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The working voltage range is the key to determine the rear view system of the car, because once the power circuit is in question, the light will burn the car monitor, the camera, and the circuit of the car will be burned. Cart voltage is 24 v, generally suitable voltage range as wide as possible, on the market at present there are several: a, the working voltage is 12 v, need customer to buy voltage regulator, this kind of product configuration, there are a lot of hidden trouble, because of the different product range of working voltage and current is different, and the voltage stabilizer on the market most of them are not very standard, working voltage, output current, circuit protection, etc. Products may be related to different manufacturers, the use effect and stability of is different, use the 12 v after reversing visual system, are all in use after a period of time and have a burn out display, camera.
A, the working voltage is 24 v, just is designed according to the voltage on the car, this kind of product configuration, there are also some disadvantages, because of the bus voltage fluctuation range is very large, especially when cold start, used cars, etc., sometimes only a dozen v voltage, voltage sometimes reach 28 v, if use some configuration of products, there is voltage fluctuation range is very big, can't boot, or white, flaky, also burn machine.
2. The working voltage is 11 ~ 32V, which is specially designed for various vehicles, which can solve the voltage work demand of any situation of the vehicle, and is also the most professional product.

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