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The color and clarity of the rear view system
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Image definition is decided to reverse a elements product selection system, which mainly depends on the car camera, car display, beginning in 2010 the entire market, the main chip of on-board camera, divided into two kinds: 1, CMOS chip, 2, the CCD chip. CMOS mainly applied in the field in the lower image quality, it has the advantage of manufacturing cost, low power consumption compared with CCD, the higher requirements of the light source fault is CMOS camera, image quality and color is bad, especially at night, less image. ; CCD is the field of high end image image which is applied in photography and video. It has the characteristics of clear image, vivid color, low illumination, etc. The customer can be configured according to customer's requirements. Then there is the car monitor, which has a simulation screen and a digital screen, but the naked eye is hard to distinguish.

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