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Market analysis of vehicle-mounted backseat entertainment systems
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In the future, the car will be developed in small and medium sized cars. In 2003, the north American market to sell 1.78 million sets of rear entertainment system, compared with 2003 in the market, car age within five years of suvs has about 45 million cars, product penetration by about 4%, the market value of $980 million in 2003. It is expected to sell about 3.5 million backseat entertainment systems in 2008, with market penetration of 17 percent and a market value of $1.6 billion. With the popularization of the backseat entertainment system, the rear seat entertainment system will be transformed from the after-sales market to the main competitive market. In 2003, the number of vehicles equipped with backseat entertainment systems accounted for about 600, 000 vehicles, accounting for 32 percent of North America's sales. In 2008, the number of rear-seat entertainment systems will grow to about 2.4 million vehicles, or 69 percent of North America's sales.
In a recent report, CSM, a global automotive market research firm, noted that the global market for backseat entertainment systems is promising, with Western Europe and Japan becoming the fastest-growing regions. CSM predicts that by 2012, the market for the backseat entertainment system in Western Europe will increase by 275%, and the sales amount will increase from $81 million in 2006 to $305 million in 2012. The Japanese market will also grow by 280% from $45 million in 2006 to $170 million in 2012.

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