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Can the reverse radar be useful? Can a novice rear-end a "artifact" be able to rely on it
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Is a reverse radar useful
First: is the reverse radar useful? Reversing radar, an important auxiliary tool, now there are a lot of people, fully rely on reversing radar, can reduce a lot of unnecessary scratches and impact so if the price gap is not suggest to buy with radar configuration, such as the price difference is bigger, suggested that oneself buy a mount, very practical!!!!!
Second: because now some of the car's rear window view is not good, back not easy to see. There is a lot of car parking in the parking lot, so it is necessary to move the car in a small space, so it is better to install it for your own car.
Third: reversing radar has two kinds: one kind is ordinary reversing radar, generally it is according to your car bottom from the obstacles, voice prompt you, the nearer the obstacles, for example, it is the sound of the more urgent. Is a kind of visual reversing radar, you can see the car in the car after the scene or see car bottom the distance from the nearest obstructions, reversing radar, behind obstacles behind not clear or there is particularly useful when moving obstacles, and you protect your car a good tool.
2. Can the novice reverse vehicle "artifact" be able to rely on
Almost every car now has a reverse radar, and that's why many owners believe it unconditionally, which leads to a lot of traffic accidents. So is this article about reversing radar useful? The owner of the installation knows that it is very useful and mistakes, so it is most important to practice your own reversing technique.
Today's reverse radar is quite popular, so why is reversing radar so popular? The reason is very simple, now the novice car driver and the female car owner are much. Learned, reversing radar brand on the market at present, as many as hundreds of varieties also many, useful digital display of the distance, also has a range of voice prompt, again a little bit high on DVD image real-time display, which is backed up image surveillance system. But because brands have different functions, the price is not the same.
According to relevant people, the main criterion for judging the performance of reversing radar is the number of probes. It determines the detection coverage capability of the reverse radar, the more the probe, the less the detection of the blind area. There are 2 probe, probe 3 and 4 probe, 6 probe and 8 probe, etc., 2 ~ 4 probe generally installed on the back bumper of the car, more than six probe reversing radar, detection range can be extended to the position such as car body side even.
In the survey, more than 70 percent of netizens believed that the reverse radar is the most practical configuration, but don't be too trusting, because it will inevitably lead to a crash.
One of the car owners was caught in the wrong radar. Specifically, he installed a reverse radar in the car, used for a period of time, has not had a problem, so he is very comfortable with the function of reversing radar. One day, when he was backing down, he suddenly "banged" and the rear bumper hit a stone pier while the reverse radar rang. After getting out of the car, it was found that there was a stone pier behind the rear of the car, about 10 centimeters lower than the reverse radar, which was not detected in advance.
A person in the industry who is engaged in the sale of reverse radar said that most of the products on the market are normal because of the presence of the probe, and the "disregard" of the proximity obstacles. He said that most of the radar's "jurisdiction" is very limited. Due to the location of the probe, the obstacle in the rear of the vehicle is not detectable. Prompt consumers, when buying a car, some dealers love to offset part of the car price, as a gift to consumers. But these reverse radar, especially the cheap back-up radar installed in mid-range cars, are particularly visible in the area of detection. The best thing you can do is not to fully believe in reverse radar. It's better to get out of the car and see what's behind you.
It is hoped that consumers will remember that instead of relying on reverse radar, they should be able to practice reverse technology. In reverse, with or without reversing radar installation, had better get off first look at the rear and right and left, pay particular attention to some of the big stone, steel pipes, fire hydrant, water pipes and the like obstacles, more attention should be paid to the car and ditch or stream of what, the more dangerous. It's also important to note that in the process of reversing the car, not only the car is behind the car, but also to pay attention to the position of the car. If there is a crew member, it is most reliable to find a person to conduct the car after the car.
After reading this article owners should know the back-draft radar is not foolproof, owners should believe or your driving technology, so practice reversing technology, this is the most security.

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