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What is the difference between a visual reversing radar and a reversing radar
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Reverse radar can help car owners to park safely, while the market's visual reversing radar and reverse radar have different performance, and the owner needs to select when choosing.
The so-called reverse radar is a car electronics developed by using ultrasonic emission and receiving ranging principle. It is not a real "radar", which is referred to as "electric eye" in early entry. Reversing radar currently on the market are divided into 4 probe, 6 probe, 8 probe and several kinds of reverse image system, price range from several hundred to several thousand yuan, more than 6 probe to detect before reversing radar has a function; The visual reversing image system is a visual reversing system which is generated by the on-board camera and visual reversing vehicle display.
Visual reversing radar, the principle of is in the rear of the car (usually hung above the license plate) with an on-board camera, when auto hang up the reverse gear, the automatic start visual reversing radar, the tail on-board camera images taken by video cable show in front of LCD car display screen, ordinary reversing radar is through the tail of the radar emit ultrasonic probe with rebound after certain obstacles the distance from the rear, or digital display alarm by sound, is not the same as the working principle of the two.
6 probes or 8 probe products are used in high-end large cars. The general vehicle selection and the 4 probe reverse radar can fully meet the demand.
The low - end radar USES red, yellow, green, three kinds of lights and buzzes to signal obstacles on a small display screen, and the price is around 200 yuan. Slightly more upscale products can show the distance between the car and the obstacle, ranging from 2.5 meters to 0.3 meters; More high-end products can not only digital display, can display the general direction of obstacles, and through the voice prompt and warning obstacles, LCD screen background changes in the light price in five centuries yuan; High-end products have more features, such as a famous brand of a reverse vehicle radar, the display screen and anti-glare rearview mirror integrated into one, selling at about 800 yuan.
The installation quality cannot be ignored when the probe is mounted vertically on the ground, otherwise it may pose a safety hazard. It is understood that if the installation of the original plant reverse radar all components are installed on the same model as the same model with the reverse radar configuration.
The probe plane must remain perpendicular to the ground, and if the probe leans downwards, a slight foreign object on the ground will call the police. In addition, the Angle of the horizontal direction should also be adjusted so that the four probes are best in one plane. Some of the rear bars of some models are round or irregular, which often make construction more difficult.
In addition, the "brain" of reversing radar control box is general paste in the rear of the car body inside, installing a control box must first stickup and firm, secondly control box and the body must be insulated, or body static electricity will cause interference to the equipment.
Tip: reverse radar technology is very mature, and the technology of installation work is not high, but the car owners do not want to look cheap, and do not do it yourself. In addition, the reverse radar is only a safety device that cannot be over-reliant, and even if the most expensive reversing radar is installed, drivers cannot relax their vigilance. Video reverse image will lead to a new trend in the era of car reversal.

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