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To solve the problem of the novice's reverse car, eight small ways to reverse the car
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Is a misconception that back just look left and right mirror and rearview mirror, in fact, this is not enough, because novice was not used to look at the mirror, let alone behind when reversing pedestrians and cyclists is inevitable, therefore, should form the good habit of reversing look back, and will look left and right mirror and rearview mirror as a supplementary means.
To solve the problem of novice back-up
Reverse speed should not be higher than 2 m/s. Slow speed can allow more observation and rotation. For the novice, after finishing the action, you should look around before and after you get off, find the feeling of the next improvement, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort. Pouring into the parking space is a trick. Don't forget to turn on the light when reversing. The car is 10 to 20cm apart from the road, which is probably the width of a mirror.
Practical 8 reverse car tips
One, although the car is in the back, but the eye still wants to look forward, the novice especially should pay attention. Driving schools generally don't teach these practical things. If you don't pay attention to the locomotive, it's likely that the front of the car will rub against the other side. When you fall to the left, pay attention to the right locomotive. The two sides of the car often rub against the result of this one.
2. If the place is small, there are obstacles on both sides of the car, and when it comes down to the left, make the body stick to the left as far as possible, and vice versa, so that you can call ahead and shorten the distance of the car. How do you post it? You can just go straight, then go up, go up, stick left or right, and then pour.
3. Observe the terrain before reversing the car, and in the parking area, you should be careful to see if there are obstacles in the vicinity.
Four, if someone is in, can let him help conductor, must remember to shake down the window, otherwise the person outside shout to break a throat, you also can not hear. Especially novice, easy to fluster, take care of not come, the sound is small also may not hear through the window. Another advantage of rolling down the window is that if you can't see the ground, you can stick your head out of the window and observe.
5. If it's not a spacious place, you don't have to pour too much in reverse, so you can go ahead. After all, it's a little bit harder to go backwards, a little bit more dangerous.
The more you pour back, the more you go forward, the easier it will be to park your car, especially the smaller ones, or you may not be able to stop at all. This novice needs to be careful that the intermediate driver improves the technology.
Seven, parking when reversing, enter the Angle to about 40 degrees suitable, ever right rear, for example, in the direction of a left after the timing is very important, pay attention to the front, can feel the car, you can got the direction. At this time, the car is usually in the back 1/3 of the parking space, and it is too late for the car. The rear space is not enough, the body may be too far right and the right side is the top of the wall. It's too early to get in the car, and it's a couple of times that you can't get in, and the novice may not be able to move in at all. Reverse parking, the timing of the cut and the timing of the wheel are very important. This article is based on experience and field conditions. It is very challenging. Don't be afraid to practice.
Eight, finally say an important lesson: don't put the wheel in place, very damaged car, help also sink. If you need a few a few times on the move the car, pay attention to in every time before the movement up and down, in the car to stop not stop when a wheel back to the opposite direction, how to play to play, so the next action you would save so much.
A lot of technology is the accumulation of habits. But there is one, no matter how strong your car reversing radar, also don't rely on it completely, must truly the habits and technology practice, in this way, no matter what special circumstances, can easily cope with.

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