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The difference between reverse radar and reverse image
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Many car owners can't tell the difference between reverse radar and reverse image, so let me introduce the difference between reverse radar and reverse image.
Reversing radar is relying on the echo detection range and through different frequencies of sound to indicate, but only by voice prompt obviously no more intuitive vision, but also inevitably exist error to sound judgment.
In the car in reverse gear, the reversing radar to work by emit ultrasonic sensor signals, once the car behind obstacles, ultrasound is reflected by the barrier, will receive the reflected wave signal of sensor and of reflected wave signal is processed by the controller to determine the obstacles of the location and the distance of the car body, finally by the feedback through the sound (buzzer), data (distance), image (such as analog display) way to feedback the information to the driver.
When hanging reverse gear, reverse image system will be automatically switched on in the rear of the back high-definition cameras, clearly showed that after the car in reverse liquid crystal display screen, allows you to accurately grasp the road, behind the reverse also like moving freely, self-confidence.
Reverse image can be seen directly after the car, can be said to be at a glance. The only drawback is that the inverted image cannot test the distance from the rear of the car.
Many people think that the two cooperate with very practical, radar can be directly tested and prompt you to obstacles and the distance of the car, after you receive a signal back to see the images will be clear at a glance.

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