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How to use the reverse radar? Reverse radar selection techniques
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As a kind of automobile supplies, the most important thing is to see whether the quality is too hard, the quality products provide better service, and the commitment period is longer. Features: distinguish from the aspects of function, reversing radar display, voice prompts alarm can be divided into LCK distance, bearing, voice prompt, probe automatic detection, etc., a fully functional reversing radar should have these features. Performance: the performance is based on detection range, accuracy, display stability and target speed.
How to use the reverse radar? Reverse radar selection techniques
The detection range is at least 0.4 to 1.5 metres; Accuracy of the two main aspects, first, the display resolution, generally to 10 cm, good can reach 1 cm, second detection error, that shows that the error of distance and the actual distance between, good product detection error is less than 3 cm; Display stability refers to the ability to capture and stabilize the distance of the obstacle when the obstruction surface is not good. Capturing target speed reflects the ability of the reverse radar to capture moving objects. The performance requirements of reverse radar are: accurate measurement, stable measurement, wide range and fast capture. Appearance process: the interior and exterior decoration of the car needs to be coordinated with the overall structure and color of the car.

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